About Us

Environmental Management Specialists, Inc. (EMS) is a best-in-class environmental contractor with more than 150 highly trained professionals working out of 11 service centers.  EMS is fully prepared to respond to environmental service needs including, but not limited to: emergency response, vacuum truck services, industrial cleaning, confined space entry services, waste transportation (hazardous and non-hazardous), site remediation, facility decontamination, equipment decommissioning, waste identification/removal/disposal, lab packing, UST/AST removal and vapor barrier installation.

Core Values

At EMS, our core values are more than words – more than what we wish others would think of us. Our core values are what we expect from ourselves and hence what others should expect and demand of us. They shape every strategic decision we make as a company, and they are a guide to daily decisions made by each and every person at EMS.

  • Simplicity
  • Attitude
  • Focus
  • Excellence
  • Truth
  • Yes – “Can Do”

Mission Statement

EMS is a quality-driven, value-added environmental contractor with a deep commitment to providing what our customers need, when they need it, with a guarantee of safety, preparedness, and communication at the center of every relationship.

We have an intense drive to succeed, with each incremental improvement bringing us closer to our potential. We compare ourselves not to any competitor but rather to the progress of our step-by-step pursuit of excellence. Our reputation as the best-of-the-best is our most valued asset, and we are determined to maintain and build on that reputation.

We maintain a consistent focus on sustainable, profitable growth, with the understanding that building a great company is achieved by recruiting and retaining great people who thrive on teamwork. We have a fundamental belief in doing right by our employees, as well as our customers, and we take great care to cultivate a meaningful and enjoyable workplace for the environmental industry’s best of the best where they are challenged, appreciated, supported and empowered to maximize the value delivered to our customers.