GOT A TANK PROJECT? CALL THE EMS TEAM! We provide comprehensive tank removal, decommissioning, demolition and installation services across our entire operating area to energy companies, environmental consultants, mechanical contractors, general contractors, industrial facilities, property owners and developers, public entities and environmental service companies. EMS has years of tank industry experience and the skilled staff who know how to get the job done right. Call our 24/7 “ONE CALL” Dispatch at 877-816-9111 in the event of an emergency, or to schedule an upcoming project. Put #TheEMSDifference to work on your next challenging project and let us show you how to take the guess work out of tank management. – posted April 12, 2018


DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE WEATHER OUTSIDE TODAY! Spring is just around the corner…and so is construction season. Now is the time to work with EMS on quoting and scheduling your upcoming spring projects. From brownfields remediation projects to facility cleanings, we’ve got you covered! Call our 24/7 “ONE CALL” Dispatch at 877-816-9111 and let’s get to work! #TheEMSDifference. – posted February 7, 2018



WE’VE GOT THE POWER! Tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and hold an assortment of products, but they share one common need – occasional cleaning. Hydro-blasting is a critical part of the cleanup process. Only through combining high pressure and high volume can some of the toughest materials be cleaned, cut, or removed. Let EMS put our 2D and 3D rotating water blasting tank heads to work on your next project. Call our 24/7 “ONE CALL” Dispatch at 877-816-9111 to schedule, and get to know #TheEMSDifference. – posted February 14, 2018


TRUST EMS TO GO WITH THE FLOW! EMS specializes in working collaboratively with consultants to implement design-build plans that improve the condition of wetlands, streams, channels, and other natural systems. Let’s put #TheEMSDifference to work on your next restoration project! Call our 24/7 “ONE CALL” Dispatch at 877-816-9111 in the event of an emergency, or to schedule an upcoming project. – posted January 24, 2018


THE BEST OF THE BEST ARE AT EMS! As EMS continues our amazing growth in the environmental services industry, we are continually recruiting the “Best of the Best” in the business to join our talented team. We are extremely pleased to announce the addition of Jason Ruff and Marc Brenner as Program Managers. Jason Ruff, a career contractor and former founder and President of Environmental Remediation Contractor in Columbus, Ohio, is a well-known and respected environmental expert who brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in remediation, as well as stream and wetland restoration and construction. Marc Brenner, who has a diverse background in emergency response and industrial operations, is a seasoned environmental veteran currently growing our vast network of industry partners in emergency response, while developing the greater Philadelphia region as an expanding market for EMS. Click on the link below for more details and for contact information to directly reach Jason and Marc. Welcome to the EMS Team! #TheEMSDifference posted January 16, 2018


WE REALLY WANT TO MAKE YOUR 2018 “SUCK!” EMS owns and operates a dedicated fleet of wet and dry vacuum trucks to remove liquids, sludges and solids for a wide variety of projects. Our vacuum trucks can transport waste directly to appropriate disposal facilities, or we can transfer waste to vacuum boxes, frac tanks or other containers for temporary storage on-site or at an EMS service centers. EMS also provides various onsite services including vacuum enhanced recovery (dual phase extraction), product transfers, dewatering and support for various industrial services, emergency response, and storage tank management needs. Call our 24/7 “ONE CALL” Dispatch at 877-816-9111 in the event of an emergency, or to schedule an upcoming project. Get to know #TheEMSDifference.posted January 11, 2018


WANT TO KNOW WHAT SETS EMS APART IN THE SHALE MARKET? Click on the link here and then call our 24/7 “ONE CALL” Dispatch at 877-816-9111 to schedule your next project. Get to know #TheEMSDifference. – posted January 9, 2018