Brownfield Demolition

Because a large percentage of brownfield cleanup projects involve a combination of demolition and site remediation, EMS has expanded its capabilities to include demolition services. By hiring qualified and experienced personnel and investing in specialized demolition equipment, EMS is able to provide turn-key demolition services along with its core remediation capabilities.

Not only is EMS able to reduce costs for its customers by self-performing both demolition and remediation work, but it also is better able to manage quality control and provide an exceptional level of project reporting and documentation.

On large sites, with complex demolition needs, EMS often teams with strategic partners in the demolition industry. Combining resources and expertise on large-scale, Brownfield projects has proven to be the safest, most economical and most efficient approach to many projects.

The following list includes services that can be required on demolition projects in various combinations and that are provided by EMS with in-house personnel and equipment.

  • Industrial/commercial facility demolition
  • Building/structure demolition
  • Foundation/footer demolition
  • Concrete and asphalt slab demolition
  • Aboveground storage tank (AST) demolition
  • Site remediation
  • Underground storage tank (UST) removal
  • Waste characterization/removal
  • Lab packing
  • Industrial services
  • Site restoration

EMS is a company with a tremendous safety record, expertise in various disciplines, a proven track record and extensive project management experience on complex, high-profile sites. EMS’ project execution and documentation are second to none.