Contaminated Soil & Water Removal & Disposal

EMS has completed hundreds of projects involving excavation of contaminated soil for offsite disposal. EMS has utilized dozens of disposal facilities for hazardous waste soil, non-hazardous soil and soil meeting regulatory guidelines for beneficial reuse. EMS maintains ongoing relationships with numerous disposal and recycling companies and is familiar with their capabilities and approval requirements to ensure a smooth and efficient working relationship from the initial approval process through final documentation receipt.

EMS also has extensive experience with management of contaminated water. When contaminated water is encountered on a site, EMS has a wide variety of equipment to pump, filter and/or containerize the water for characterization, treatment, discharge and/or offsite disposal.

Backfill supply and placement is a key element of any site remediation project involving the removal of contaminated soil. EMS personnel have broad civil construction experience and are knowledgeable about industry standards, means and methods required to achieve proper geotechnical placement/compaction of backfill. With our extensive regional supplier and vendor relationships, EMS is able to provide specified backfill at a cost-effective price for any project.