Landfill Remediation

EMS specializes in landfill capping, repairs, closures and cell expansions, including the following:

Geo-composite liner (GCL)/HDPE liner/cap construction

Used in capping and containing landfills, this process installs a high-density polyethylene liner (HDPE) to separate contaminants from surrounding soil and water. EMS excavates a site and then uses certified HDPE welders on site to weld a liner of 30-60 mil plastic sheeting to fit the disturbed cap. Installation of a cap completes the process.

Leachate collection piping

We can install high-density polyethylene (HDPE) recovery piping in existing landfills to pick up groundwater before it migrates off-site. This piping is often used with cut-off walls and barrier walls to control groundwater migration.

Limited new cell construction (less than 10 acres)

We offer complete construction services for landfill repairs or expansions less than 10 acres, including:

  • Soil excavation
  • Installation of a GCL or HDPE liner
  • Installation of leachate collection piping
  • Final grade installation
  • (Gas recovery systems) fugitive gas collection systems
  • Fugitive gas emissions
  • Well connections