Emergency Response – Case Studies

Derailment – emergency response

Northern Ohio

EMS’ Emergency Response division responded to a rail car derailment for a major transportation terminal following the release of 13,000 gallons of flammable liquid. Upon arrival, EMS’ incident commander applied his extensive remediation system experience to expedite installation of a product recovery system. EMS mobilized a multidisciplinary crew to complete installation and provide 24-hour product recovery service. EMS simultaneously assisted in delineating the extent of the spill through precision test pitting, including air knife excavation near a major fiber optic line. EMS also conducted extensive confined space entry work, examining on-site subterranean structures for spill-related waste. After establishing the limits of the spill, EMS assisted in the design of remediation technologies to mitigate off-site migration and consequently completed the installation of approximately 500 linear feet of sheet piling to prevent product from impacting a nearby marsh. Following the initial response, EMS was retained to provide daily product recovery support and waste transportation services while assisting the on-site consultant with additional exploratory excavation, temporary water treatment system installation and site maintenance. In total, EMS mobilized two incident commanders, two project managers, six supervisors, 10 operators, 15 technicians, seven vacuum trucks, three roll-off trucks, two air knives with compressors and 12 service trucks, in addition to multiple pieces of heavy equipment, 10 carbon vessels and four fully equipped project trailers.

Railroad locomotive terminal – emergency response

Indianapolis, IN

EMS’s emergency response division responded to a large gasoline spill at a locomotive terminal in Indianapolis. The cause of the spill was a leaking petroleum pipeline that ran through the terminal. Approximately 100,000 gallons of gasoline was discharged to a drainage ditch located on the property which discharged to a retention basin. EMS mobilized 3 supervisors, 6 operators and 5 technicians to the project site from 4 different EMS locations along with 5 service trucks, 3 vacuum trucks and assorted PPE, pads, pillows and booms. EMS crews worked around the clock (12 hour shifts) and through the weekend for 5 days vacuuming gasoline from the retention pond and the drainage ditch. After the bulk liquid was removed from the affected areas, EMS transitioned to air lancing, hand digging and heavy equipment operation to remediate the impacted soils. Over 4,000 tons of impacted soil as well as 500,000 gallons of water and product was removed for offsite disposal.

Storm damage at 37 transformer spill sites – emergency response

Southern Ohio

As a result of a severe windstorm, EMS responded to multiple locations where transformers had released PCB and Non-PCB oils. Several EMS crews with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) worked seven (7) days a week to complete site cleanup, waste management and thorough site documentation for a total of 37 spill sites. Many of the sites had unique circumstances including dealing with homeowners who had been without power for several days, terrain that was only accessible on foot, road conditions that were difficult to navigate, poor or non-existent communication and late night/early morning operations in isolated wooded areas. The combination of these unique circumstances, the high volume of work, rapid response time requirements and the remote location of many of the sites presented unique challenges. EMS overcame these challenges throughout the work while also addressing all commitments associated with daily EMS operations. Nothing less than extraordinary effort by its supervisors and crews enabled EMS to succeed in this emergency response. All 37 sites were granted NFA (No Further Action) status and were closed out in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Residential property – emergency response, air knifing and vapor/fluid recovery

Carrollton, OH

EMS’s Emergency Response Division responded to a gasoline release from a petroleum facility onto a residential property. This project included air knifing, excavation, backfill, well installation, vacuum enhanced recovery (dual phase extraction), SVE system installation (soil vapor extraction) including design and construction, line jet camera video inspection and site restoration. EMS’s multi-stage approach resulted in the safe and permanent elimination of hazardous conditions on the property.

Roadside spill – emergency response

Plain City, OH

EMS responded to a tractor/trailer accident involving 1300 cases of engine oil and more than 150 gallons of diesel fuel from saddle tanks. EMS was contracted to properly handle the environmental cleanup of all damaged goods and impacted soil and water as well as the proper characterization, transportation and disposal of the waste generated from the clean up. By quickly responding to the spill, effectively containing the release, closely working with Ohio EPA and economically disposing of the waste materials, EMS prevented a significant impact on the environment and substantially reduced the overall cost of the cleanup.