Shale Recycling

Shale RecyclingShale Recycling is a joint venture between Environmental Management Specialists (EMS) and Ohio Soil Recycling (OSR) for the treatment and recycling of drill cuttings generated by the oil and gas (O&G) industry. With the only Ohio EPA-approved drill cutting treatment/recycling facility, Shale Recycling provides the first and only zero-landfill disposal alternative in Ohio for O&G drill cuttings. By combining the experience and expertise of EMS and OSR in the areas of treatment technology, safety, permitting, environmental construction and waste management,
Shale Recycling provides an environmentally friendly recycling
alternative to traditional landfill disposal options.

Treatment/Recycling Process

The enhanced bioremediation treatment/recycling process is conducted at OSR’s 58-acre facility in Columbus, Ohio and soon at a new facility in Belmont County, Ohio, via the introduction of cultured microbes, protozoa, fungus, algae and bacteria, as well as oxygen and nutrients to the drill cuttings. The process uses 100 percent naturally occurring organisms and creates no byproducts other than carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

Shale Recycling Benefits
  • “Green” alternative to landfilling
  • Fully permitted by OEPA
  • Proven treatment process for O&G drill cuttings
  • OEPA-approved “Best Available Technology”
  • Cost effective
  • Release of generator liability
  • No harmful byproducts
Treatment/Recycling Facility Features
  • 600-foot by 1,800-foot Lined Soil Treatment Pad
    • Compacted clay subsurface with 40-mil liner
    • Three-foot compacted clay working surface on top of liner
    • Soil-cement stabilized pad working surface
    • Lined runoff trench feeds into seamlessly lined collection pond
    • Runoff waters from pad collected and stored in lined pond for reuse in microbial solutions, windrow watering and dust control on treatment pad resulting
  • Perimeter groundwater monitoring wells
  • Seamlessly lined collection trench and retention pond with closed-loop water management system
  • Licensed and inspected weigh scale
  • Fully permitted by Ohio EPA