Oil & Gas – Case Studies

Shale gas drill pads and completion pads – industrial services

Eastern Ohio

After navigating an especially robust contractor pre-qualification process, EMS received a master services agreement (MSA) to provide frac tank cleaning, vacuum truck services, flowback water/sludge transport & disposal and waste containers for dozens of drill pads and completion pads across eastern Ohio. In addition, EMS successfully responded to a “zero landfill” request by developing a treatment/recycling alternative for management of drill cuttings.

Petroleum terminal – line jetting and camera

Northern Ohio

EMS was awarded line inspection at two petroleum terminal facilities consisting of 27 lines (between 6 inch and 22 inch diameter) totaling 1,700 linear feet.  The job scope consisted of camera video recording, documenting, visually inspecting and GPS mapping the lines to locate suspected damage or leak points in the lines that were allowing intermittent product discharge.

This project involved a five step process:

  1. Line Map Designation – Rough map out the lines with dimensions to create a numerical reference map for documentation purposes.
  2. Video Inspection – Initial inspection with the explosion proof camera system. Water flow was blocked with a pneumatic plug and confined space was used where required.
  3. Line Jetting – Line jetting was required due to severe sediment buildup in several lines. Line jetting was performed in conjunction with video inspection.
  4. GPS Mapping  – GPS hand held unit was used to mark the lines using manholes and outfalls as reference points.
  5. Video Recording and Report Writing – Upon completion of all work activities the video was burned to disk and a report was written to summarize the work activities and results.

Due to the conditions of the lines discovered during video inspection, line jetting was subsequently added to the scope of work.  In addition to significant sediment buildup, several lines had multiple low points that trapped water over long distances creating several blind spots. To completely inspect the lines EMS removed the water using a vacuum truck and attaching the hose (reduced down to one inch diameter hose) to the camera unit.

Shale gas drill pads – pad support services

Eastern Ohio

EMS was contracted to provide 24-hour on-site solidification services for multiple drill pads. Operator/supervisors were assigned to shale gas drill pads, where they employed the use of excavators to mix drill cuttings and related process fluids with power ash to solidify the waste in preparation for disposal. Operators were responsible for continuously solidifying and loading out waste to enable the drilling operations to flow seamlessly. Additionally, operators assisted with other rig duties as requested.

Shale gas drill pads and completion pads – industrial services

Western Pennsylvania

EMS was contracted to provide frac tank cleaning, pit cleaning and vacuum truck services for multiple drill pads across Western Pennsylvania. During rig skids or moves, EMS crews utilized hot pressure washer units and vacuum trucks to clean sludge and mud from frac tanks and pits, often under extreme weather conditions. Responsiveness, a strong work ethic, quality equipment and detailed recordkeeping have been recognized by this producer as key EMS differentiators.